MNT-ERA.NET is a large network of European Micro and Nano Technology (MNT) support programmes.

It  was launched in 2004 and during five years (2004-2008) it has been running under the ERA-NET scheme of the 6th EU Framework Programme. MNT-ERA.NET is continuing its activities under the 7th EU Framework Programme until 2011.

MNT-ERA.NET comprises 21 European countries and regions, all represented by national and regional ministries or funding agencies.

MNT-ERA.NET enhances the competitiveness of the European industry by coordinating and streamlining European support measures for micro and nano technologies. This is achieved by implementing coordinated activities and securing sustainable cooperation between the participating funding programmes.

MNT-ERA.NET is offering annual Transnational Calls for collaborative projects, reflecting the needs and challenges identified by the European R&D community. As an attractive instrument for supporting transnational R&D it is complementing the portfolio of European funding initiatives.

MNT-ERA.NET improves the cooperation between funding organisations, industry partners, research institutions and universities and provides practical aspects of innovation through close relations to national and regional clients.

Know more about MNT-ERA.NET

More information abotu the project at the http://www.mnt-era.net/MNT