The key aims of SAMPE are to:

  • promote the exchange of scientific, engineering and technical knowledge between members
  • improve the extent of that knowledge
  • promote the significance of material and process engineering for the enhancement of quality of goods produced and life in general to the benefit of all

Subjects of research and application:

  • Composite materials
  • Nano materials
  • etal and composite adhesive bonding
  • Ceramics, carbon-carbon and metal matrix composites
  • Fire properties of composite materials in ground transportation and adavanced marine architecture of composite materials
  • Design and analysis of composite structures
  • Advanced reinforcement fiber development
  • Composite materials in oil and wind energy development
  • ETA

SAMPE Europe Chapter is organizing every year:

  • Traditional International Conferences in Paris – Technical conference and Exhibition ( in March or April)
  • Other conferences organized by local Europe Chapter (in Germany, France , UK, Russia etc.)

Issued journals:

  • SAMPE Journal of Advanced Materials – quaterly
  • SAMPE Journal – twice a year