Federation of European Materials Societies

In the year 1993 CSNMT was admitted to the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS), which currently comprises 24 materials societies from 22 European countries and has over 26 000 members. The main FEMS objectives are: providing links between European national societies, coordinating the activities of member societies, ensuring interactive communication among European engineers, scientists and educators, disseminating the knowledge of materials among member societies, and supporting exchanges of materials experts and students between European countries. Further information about FEMS can be found on the Internet page: www.fems.org.

The business of FEMS is run by an Executive Committee and by the annually convened General Assembly of member societies. The Executive Committee holds usually three meetings a year. The principal FEMS activities are:

  • Holding the EUROMAT international conferences
  • Holding the EUROMAT Topical international conferences, which concentrate on a closer range of problems
  • Holding the JuniorEuromat international gatherings of young experts

CSNMT makes use, for the benefit of its members, of all the opportunities offered; it is particularly active in organizing the Czech participation in the JuniorEuromat gatherings.