The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society

TMS is another large American professional society, with some 12 000 members in and outside of the US. It brings together members who are interested in minerals, metals (mostly non-ferrous) and other materials. In comparison with ASM International, it is oriented less towards application and more towards research problems, fundamental research in particular.

Every year, members of the Society elect a Board of Directors and a President of the Society. The business of the Society is run by an Executive Board headed by an Acting Managing Director. The technical activities of TMS are carried out in 5 divisions (electronic, magnetic and photonic materials; extraction and processing; materials processing and manufacturing; light metals; structural materials). Within these divisions there are technical committees (more than 38). More detailed information is available on the web page

Every year, TMS holds a number of conferences and symposia and often sponsors events organized by other societies worldwide. The most important event is the large annual conference combined with an exhibition, always held in February or March. Within this conference a number of parallel-running symposia are held.

The publication activities are extensive. TMS publishes the JOM monthly for its members, who get it free. The publication list includes further learned journals and books (mostly TMS conference proceedings) and other printed materials.

International cooperation is extensive. For example, TMS initiated the establishment of an organization globally embracing all the large materials societies (the IOMMMS –, with the TMS Executive Board providing secretariat service for it.

CSNMT and TMS signed a bilateral agreement on cooperation in Pittsburgh on Dec. 15, 1998. The duties resulting from this agreement include the exchange of information about the activities of the two Societies, reciprocal publicity (e.g. CSNMT has its information page on the TMS web site), non-financial sponsoring of events and other activities.